Plusminus is a versatile lighting system that takes the concept of the light rail to a new level. The conductive textile ribbon at its core allows for free placement of the luminaires and the creation of unique light solutions on the spot.

The Fluidity of Light

A belt in which you place all kinds of luminaires

Equal parts easy and avant-garde, Plusminus harnesses the design of a belt in a groundbreaking lighting concept that merges materiality and light. Featuring a textural, fabric belt that conducts electricity, it enables light to flow through space. Plusminus provides professionals a powerful toolkit for creating personalised lighting effects and unique atmospheres with different luminaires.The toolkits feature multiple elements—component pieces, colours, textures—that can be freely adapted and combined to suit the characteristics and constraints of specific spaces. A powerful tool for unique creations, they present designers and architects with infinite possibilities for integrating light in an interior


Technical Information

EASY CONNECTION FIX/ CLICK/ CONNECT Each belt, which can be cut as needed, accommodates multiple luminaires and operates with simple plug-in technology for unparalleled ease of installation and connection. The belt offers adjustments in tension from taut to relaxed as well as click- and-connect functionality snapping into a buckle attached to each luminaire.

Luminaire types and lighting effects



360° Diffusion lighting

ø 20 cm, ø 30 cm


Directed Diffusion Lighting

ø 10 cm

Accent Lighting

ø 10 cm




Directed Diffusion Lighting

ø 20 cm, ø 30 cm


Linear Diffuser

General Lighting

102 cm, 202 cm






Directed diffusion lighting

ø 60 cm, ø 80 cm





Linear Low Ugr

Low-glare general linear lighting

26,8 cm, 52,5 cm, 103,7 cm




Electrical Connection options

Surface Canopy


Remote Built-in Canopy

Remote Surface Canopy

Plug-in Floor Switch

Detailed technical information

Belt finish

Terra Red
Maximum 30 metres per electrical connection, belt length personalised for each composition.

Belt materials


Luminaires finish

11 Black
NCS S 8500N
13 Off-White
NCS S 1000-N
37 Terra Red
NCS S 4040-Y70R
42 Blue M1
NCS S 5010-B10G
53 Green M1
NCS S 6005-G80Y

LED temperature colour

2700 K
3000 K
3500 K

Dimming control

On/ Off
Casambi (P2P)

Accesories and canopies finish

11 Black
NCS S 0300-N